Lakewood Resilience Circle Celebrates Light Rail, Community Supported Agriculture, and More

Posted March 20, 2013

~ March Updates from the Lakewood Resilience Circle ~ Next Sustainable Living Discussion Group - The next Discussion Group will include watching  a documentary  video, either ‘No Impact Man’ or ‘Planet Earth’ (depending which one is available from the Library).   We will meet on  Mar 20th at the home of Carrie Sonneborn. We will discuss […]

New England Transition & Resilience HUB Gathering at the Slow Living Summit, Brattleboro VT, June 5 – 8

Posted March 7, 2013

New England Transition & Resilience Hub Meeting Saturday, June 8 12pm – 4pm Brattleboro, Vermont RSVP to Come share stories, lessons, and strategies with other Transitioners from around New England! We’ll meet following the annual Slow Living Conference in Brattleboro taking place June 5 – 7. If you’re coming to the Summit, please stay for […]

Time to Form an Affinity Group

Posted October 25, 2012

Imagine six months from now a social movement that no longer waits for elected politicians to lead and engages in direct action against the fossil fuel industry and their lobbying power. ~ By Chuck Collins

For Real Change, Have Conversations: The Art of the “One-to-One”

Posted October 4, 2012

By Thomas Atwood and Sarah Byrnes No matter who wins the debate or ultimately the election, we know our nation and our communities will continue to face complex economic, ecological, political, and social challenges. Our challenges are compounded by a culture of isolation and disconnection. The skills we need to build connection and empathy may […]

How to Have a “One-to-One” Conversation

Posted October 4, 2012

Labor and community organizers have been using a practice called the “one-to-one” conversation for generations as a way to build networks, enhance relationships, and enlist people in their work. A one-to-one can be defined as a structured conversation where you authentically share your story with another person and listen to theirs. Based on your commonalities, […]

Envision This: Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Resilience Circles

Posted September 20, 2012

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