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Posted September 1, 2009 in Blog

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Welcome to the Resilience Circle blog! If you sign up for our RSS feed, you’ll get a report on our activities, and those of Clubs around the country, about twice a week. If you prefer not to receive more email–we understand–you can check this website anytime you want to hear what we’re up to.

Your bloggers are Andrée Zaleska, coordinator of the Resilience Circle project, and Chuck Collins, project director. For the record, we work for the Institute for Policy Studies, where this project is housed, but there are many other organizations that have contributed to developing Resilience Circles, including Grassroots Policy Project, On the Commons and….

Chuck, a senior scholar at IPS, will be weighing in with his 30 years of expertise on the economy, wealth and inequality, and fair taxation. Andrée, a community organizer with a background in teaching and writing, will be relating the stories coming out of our Clubs–stories of the people coping with the new economy, evolving and reviving mutual aid strategies to solidify their communities, and taking action to create a better economy for all.

We look forward to a dialogue with you, and are always happy to hear your stories and comments! You can post comments here, or email them directly to Andrée at andree@commonsecurityclub.org

Best wishes to you and your community,