Don’t Get Fooled Again! “Inside Job” Discussion Questions

Posted March 22, 2010 in Blog

If you are part of a large group, break into pairs and discuss these questions:

  1. After watching the movie, how do you feel about the banking industry?  The government?  Economists?  What are your feelings about the future of our economy?
  2. What new ideas did you learn from the movie?

With the full group, report back on your paired conversations.  Then consider:

  1. How can we “not get fooled” again?  What kinds of reforms are necessary, and at what levels?
  2. What can we do to increase our own economic security?  Your group might consider starting a “Resilience Circle,” where 10 or 15 adults gather to learn, engage in mutual aid, and take social action toward creating a new economy that is independent of Wall Street and works for everyone in harmony with the planet.  Browse this website or contact for more info.