March 21 – Hobart, IN Introductory Meeting

Posted December 28, 2010 in Event Archive

An organizational meeting for a Common Security Club will be held:

March 21st at 7pm
First Unitarian Church of Hobart
Fifth and Main Street
Hobart, IN, 46342

What is a Resilience Circle? It is a support group based on our economic reality. It is a place for members of the community to come together and discuss unemployment, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and the economy. It is a place to help each other figure out how to make the best of hard times. It is a place for us learn how and why the economy works the way it does. Why is the United States going through its current economic crisis? What was this housing bubble anyway? What kinds of jobs should we be preparing for in Northwest Indiana? What should I do to help my neighbor who is going to lose their home? How can we help my sister who lost her job? What should I do when I’m trying to figure out which bill to pay first?

WHY DO THIS ALONE??? The Commons Security Club is not only for First Unitarian, but for the entire community. Come to our first organizational meeting to set those wheels in motion.