What Is “Common Security”? You Tell Us

Posted March 2, 2011 in Blog. Tagged: , ,

Use the comments section below to tell us what you think about these new options, the words “security” or “club,” or other thoughts on our re-naming process.

The results of the Resilience Circle naming survey are in!  And one thing is certain:  the word “security” has been co-opted by nefarious forces.  Overwhelmingly, respondents pointed out that this word conjures up images which are totally contrary to our work – security cameras, locked doors, repression, paranoia, even violence and weapons.  The word “club” didn’t fare much better.  Of three options (club, group, circle), club was by far the least popular.  Some thought that clubs sound elitist, closed, and, well, “clubby.”  “Circle” was the most popular by a thin margin over “groups.”

While there was no one clear favorite name, a few possibilities emerged.  Which of these do you like best?  Click here to vote.

Updated!  Here are our new name options, as of 4/4/11:

  • Connection Circles
  • Mutual Aid Circles
  • Common Security Circles
  • Resiliency Circles