Session 5: Examples of the Commons

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Examples of the Commons



Water                                               Downtown

Air                                                     Public Health and Sanitation

The Airwaves                                  Shakespeare

National and Public Parks             The Oceans

Sidewalks                                        Quiet

Genetics                                          History

Seeds                                              The Night Sky

Blood Banks                                    Social Security

Community Gardens                      Crafts

Bees                                                 Scientific Knowledge

Jazz                                                  Folk Tales

Libraries                                           Mass Transit

Artistic Traditions                            Neighborhood Groups

Fire Departments                            Non-Profit Organizations

Baseball & Soccer                          Recipes

Biodiversity                                      Open Source Programming

Topsoil                                             Social Customs & Local Traditions


The US Natl Institute of Health

Herbal Medicines

Government-Funded Research    And much more.

Wildlife                                             What would you add?

Hip Hop


Wikipedia                                         See them,

Languages                                      Name them,

Wind Power                                     Claim your commons!

Polar Ice Caps

Ozone Layer

Spiritual Beliefs

The Blogosphere