Organize an Underemployed/Anxiously Employed Support Group

Posted April 10, 2011 in Mutual Aid. Tagged:

In some communities, folks who are unemployed or anxiously underemployed maintain an ongoing club to support one another.  Some of the activities include:

•    Sharing information about unemployment benefits, food stamps and other resources.

•    Helping one another network for jobs or think through small business/income generating activities.

•    Brainstorming survival strategies.

Some of the creative ideas from clubs and the wider world so far:

Unemployed and Anxiously Employed Workers Initiative (Indiana) – a great example of folks organizing together.  It is a group of people in northern Indiana who are coming together to help one another in this difficult time of economic crisis. They maintain a Facebook page:

“We usually meet once a week and are currently forming committees to help educate people about such topics as computer use and unemployment insurance, stress management in tough times, and green jobs (just to name a few). So, if you’ve already received a pink slip, or suspect that you may soon be getting one, please join us! The only cost is a small commitment of your time.”