What Will Make Our Lives Better? By David Orr

Posted April 11, 2011 in Opening and Closing Readings. Tagged: , ,

Here’s a great passage from an interview David did recently at Powell’s Books in Portland.

The question was, “What new technology do you think may actually have the potential for …making people’s lives better?”

…and David’s answer was that it wasn’t technology that was going to make people’s lives better, it was:

“…front porches around a village green; bricks or other heavy objects hurled at high velocity through a television screen; public parks and libraries full of bright-eyed kids; evenings spent reading good books bought from Powell’s; well-prepared meals for the entire family consisting of locally produced food; a great national train system; prosperous neighborhoods; thriving rural towns; cities that are places of civility and culture; local baseball leagues for all ages; and things that contribute little or nothing to global warming.”

Who can argue with that? If you’re interested in the whole interview, find it here: