What is “Resilience”? You Tell Us.

Over the past months we’ve been talking about the meaning of the words “resilience” and “security.” Many folks object to the word “security,” saying it conjures up images of surveillance cameras, paranoia, and violence.

Others like the term and want to reclaim it – noting especially that “common security” points up something completely different than a backyard bunker.

Many people like the word “resilience,” which is less commonly used and brings less baggage. It rests on the assumption that the world will continue pose new challenges, and that we will be called upon to adapt.

But what is resilience, exactly? YES! Magazine’s Resilience Quiz provides one answer.

Click here to take the quiz. You’ll answer 20 questions and get a score ranging from 20 – 80. You may be a resilience trailblazer, or have many opportunities to become more resilient.

Keep in mind that resilience is a community endeavor. What does your score say about your community’s assets? Is local food available? What about locally based businesses or banks? How well do people in your neighborhood know each other? Take the quiz with your Resilience Circle or a group of neighbors and figure out what it means about your community. Tell us below in the comments. And tell us if this inspires you to take some next steps so that in six months, your community’s score might be a little higher.