Make > Shift: From Finding a Job to Crafting a Livelihood

Make > Shift is a collaborative learning process that shifts attention at this time of job scarcity to the abundance of possibilities for meaningful work that can generate both income and community benefits.  Meeting seven times over a four-month period, participants brainstorm ideas for products and services stemming from current demographic and market trends – such as Greening, Frugality, Boomers Aging, Wellness, etc.  Members of the group then form teams to research the feasibility of business concepts based on the ideas. Some go on to develop and implement business plans. Others say that they generated useful ideas and professional relationships while connecting with interesting people.

The Make > Shift Starter Guide describes all the specifics of a no-cost teaching/learning process that can be organized by any community group or adult education/workforce development program.  Download the Guide (PDF).

A Resource Folder contains an appendix of materials created by the pilot group in the Twin Cities.  Download the Resource Folder (PDF).

The Make > Shift Guide was written by Jan Hively,, a social entrepreneur who convened and coordinated the pilot group in 2010, with assistance from Kirin Loomis, one of the pilot group entrepreneurs. Kirsten Wedes created the diagrams.