The New Facilitator Guide! Plus – Our New Name…

Posted June 1, 2011 in Blog, Featured

Thanks to the excellent work of facilitators around the country who provided us with great feedback, we are offering a new, improved Facilitator’s Guide!

  • The new Guide is structured around the three essential steps we must take to build a new economy: changing our economic story, building stronger communities, and changing the rules that govern our economy and lives. Click here for an overview of the sessions.
  • The gifts and needs exchange continues to be a central activity where we begin “flexing our mutual aid muscles.” We’ve introduced more “unstructured” time for folks to listen to each other, and provided a sharper focus on the power of large corporations as an impediment to social change.
  • As homework for the last session, the YES! Magazine Resilience Quiz helps groups start to map their community assets and plan how they might continue to act together to build resilience. Resilience, we learn, is a community endeavor.

Email us at for a electronic copy of the Guide. If you would like a paper copy, please consider making a $10 donation to cover the printing and shipping costs.

Plus – Our New Name!

Based on a fascinating discussion about the meaning of words like “security” and “resilience,” we have decided to start using the name “Resilience Circle” Network as well as Common Security Club Network.

Many groups will continue to call themselves Common Security Clubs, Mutual Aid Groups, and more. Running a small group is truly a choose-your-own-name kind of adventure, and that’s half the fun.

Our role will remain the same – supporting and providing resources for these many small groups working to increase personal security in these challenging times.