American Dream House Meetings



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We need to rebuild the American Dream, and the time is ripe. There’s a new sense of energy and urgency across the country—communities are under attack but we’re fighting back. People are standing up to protect our families and our future.

We know that can’t accomplish anything until we come together—to share our stories, fears, hopes, and ideas.  The path to the American Dream begins with real conversations among concerned friends and neighbors, like those we have at Resilience Circles and Common Security Clubs.

This month, dozens of organizations are helping thousands of Americans come together on July 16 and 17 at American Dream House Meetings to start that conversation.

Here at the Resilience Circle Network, we’re all about helping folks connect with their neighbors.  That’s why we’re partnering with this exciting movement.  Across the country, House Meetings will take place on July 16 and 17, where leaders will be given information about Resilience Circles.  Some may choose to continue meeting and use our resources as they move forward.