August 6 – Providence RI Workshop: Resilience Circles and Time Banking

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Join us at the Time Banks USA National Conference!

Saturday, August 6
1:30 PM
Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island 02912

Resilience Circles: Small Groups to Strengthen Community During Tough Times

“Resilience Circles” are small groups of 10 – 20 people that help strengthen community ties during this time of economic and ecological challenges. This interactive workshop will provide a taste of the benefits of forming such a circle. Groups use a free seven-session curriculum to learn, begin practices of mutual aid, and take social action.  They are a place to begin “stretching our mutual aid muscles,” and many form small time banks or join larger ones in their communities. The Resilience Circle Network is a project of the Institute for Policy Studies.

Read more and resister on the Time Banks Conference website:

Photo Source: Michigan Municipal League on Flickr