October 12 – San Francisco Introduction to Resilience Circles

Posted August 3, 2011 in Event Archive

Join us on September 28 for a San Francisco introduction to “Resilience Circles”!
Come learn more – no commitment required.

When: October 12, 6:45-8:45 PM
Where: Western Addition Library
Meeting Room
1550 Scott Street
San Francisco 94115

Contact  sfresilience@gmail.com for more information.

Resilience Circles – Small Groups to…

Get to Know Your Neighbors
Help Each Other Through “Mutual Aid” &
Have Fun!

The “Great Recession” has reminded us of our vulnerabilities. We’re facing debt, foreclosure, unemployment, and isolation. In response, people are forming small “Resilience Circles” to explore a new kind of security – one based in mutual aid and community support.