The Sustainable World Sourcebook

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Roadmap to a Healthy Future — the Essential Guidebook for the Concerned Citizen

The SourceBook enables people to get up to speed quickly with what everyone needs to know, given what’s a stake now. It provides a sweeping overview of the major global issues we face, realistic solutions, and actions that we can take to make a meaningful contribution. The book is concise and in full color throughout, with a well-designed magazine-style layout, so that it is an accessible and compelling read. The introduction is by the brilliant Paul Hawken, and the book has been endorsed by luminaries like Marianne Williamson, Randy Hayes, Lynne Twist and Kevin Danaher, among others.

The SourceBook is no ordinary document. A year and a half in the making, it is the result of the coordinated work of 13 researchers, 8 writers and 4 editors. We have distilled thousands of pages of information from authoritative sources down to 100 pages of essential information on the critical challenges that humanity faces and lots of “What You Can Do” tips and pointers for specific action steps and personal engagement. The book ends with a robust 16 page resource directory of organizations and documentary videos chosen for their usefulness in learning more and to participate in important campaigns for change. You might call it a one-stop-shop for a healthy world.

A 3 min. video intro to the book is here:

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