September 23 – Columbia/Ellicott City, MD Introduction to Resilience Circles

Posted August 16, 2011 in Event Archive

Join us for an “Introduction to Resilience Circles” Fri, Sept 23 at 7pm in a home in Ellicott City, Md. We’ll learn about the resilience circle movement and how resilience circles are helping people turn hardship into strengthened relationships and mutual support. We’ll also plan follow-on sessions for those who want to get involved. Email hococlimatechange@gmail.comto RSVP for 9/23.

We are still in the greatest recession since the 1930’s, a scary time. Debt, foreclosure, unemployment, anxious employment, evaporating savings, rising costs, job insecurity, and environmental uncertainties. 

“Because of the depth of our economic and ecological challenges, we don’t believe it is possible to return to … a model of economic growth based on cheap energy and unlimited fossil fuels. Nor do we want to return to a bubble economics model that fuels economic disparities of income and wealth.

“Our assumption is that we need to prepare ourselves and our communities for more fundamental changes and a new economic model based on real wealth and economic activity, not phantom wealth and casino economics.”

Resilience circles ( are a positive way forward.  A resilience circle is a small group of people that comes together to:

• Face economic and ecological challenges
• Learn about root causes
• Discover non-financial resources
• Build relationships that strengthen security
• Take steps for mutual aid and shared action
• Learn about community projects such as produce exchanges, time banks, and housing co-ops
• Rediscover what we have and the prospect of a brighter future
• Become part of a larger effort to create a fair, healthy, sustainable economy for all

For those who choose to continue, an ongoing 7 week Resilience Circle begins Friday October 14.

NOTE:   If you cannot make Friday meetings, but are interested in a possible Resilience Circle on another day, please email time/date preferences and we’ll let you know about other possible fall or spring Resilience Circles in this area –