Broadwell Hill, OH

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We have been having great fun in the Broadwell Hill Neighborhood in ways that reflect Transition Towns and Resilience Circle models while letting it unfold in ways suited to our unique, very rural, psychosocial/cultural situation.

We are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of our monthly neighborhood potlucks, have a neighborhood email group, share resources, utilize an equal exchange system of reciprocity and are deepening our networks and personal relationships while building other basic need systems.

Please contact Kathy Jackson for more information and to get involved:

Kathy Jacobson, RN
The Broadwell Hill Learning Center and Sustainable Stewardship Station
Contact for the Broadwell Hill Neighborhood Circle
22215 Mayles Ridge Road
Stewart, Ohio 45778

~ News and Views from Broadwell Hill, OH ~

By Kathy Jacobson
December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice 2011

The Light Returns!

Folks who have been trying so hard, for so long, to help build resilience often report they get overwhelmed when things don’t go the way they see it in their visions or preferred models, especially if they feel a sense of urgency.

I am one of those folks so thought I would share news from our hood, some magical happenings, that reinforces my belief in the power of dreams, goal setting, visualization and applied, step by step effort.

I used to be very isolated out here in this sparsely populated area, reaching out here and there, and always dreaming, always praying.

A few years ago, a Realtor split up some of the property near me. I ramped up my visualizations in the hopes it might help attract folks interested in neighborhood resilience building efforts.

And, lo and behold, the folks who came were not only interested in such matters, but came here specifically because they also wanted to pursue greater self-reliance within a system of neighborhood inter-independence.

What can I say…Magic happens!  If you build it they will come…?

We are into our second year of monthly potlucks now, including outreach to other neighborhoods and the Ohio University population. We are also getting together for other events, mini-workshops, etc.

Six students carpooled out to the hills to join us for our December neighborhood potluck.  One of the young women is a photojournalist working on a sustainability and resilience project and
others are working on similar projects, e.g. a paper on building community resilience from the perspective of a sustainability minded business and one about the shortfalls in our current educational systems and how internships with such visionary businesses can help them better prepare for successful employment pursuits.

In addition, we, like other communities in the Eastern USA, are joining forces as the Oil & Gas Industry is working to gobble up leases for their horizontal fracking operations.

Our neighborhood is directly affected by such things, and we have met to share info about the oil/gas leases, the potential ramifications, and to explore what we might be able to do to better ensure community health while taking into considerations the social, economic and environmental implications. I am currently reviewing the official gas/oil/deed records in order to compile the information with the hope that it may be of service to many in our area.

Our other resilience building efforts are also still unfolding in a way that fills my heart and mind with great joy, hope and healing.  The fact that we have young people with strong backs is also cause for great thanksgiving in the physical arena given the fact I am not as young as I
once was…

We have a neighborhood google group for communications about a wide variety of topics and our systems are coming together quite spontaneously, i.e.  a circulating library system, carpooling and pick-up/delivery arrangements,  food security systems, equipment and service exchanges.  We in this very rural area still function within a ‘gifting economy’ but we are also developing a system of equitable reciprocity via on-the-ground explorations.

What is so cool about it all is that it is evolving quite organically without any specific model or organized coordination, a true team effort. And, I believe it is safe to say that everyone who is participating finds it very healing as we have all been affected by the individualistic programming and are now helping each other as we re-learn what it means to communicate meaningfully and interact as a community entity.

So, it seems our resilience circle is unfolding and behaving just like the complex and dynamic systems at play in our forest gardens within Appalachian Hill Country.

Imagine the garden, consider the goals, create a rudimentary resilience trellis, tend to the soil, plant a few seeds and let the vines of community grow with compassionate caring and communication…and don’t lose hope.

Dreams do come true!

I wish everyone the best on this blessed Winter Solstice and look forward to the further development of this Resilience Circle Network.

Thank you to everyone who shares similar visions and who are pulling up their sleeves to help manifest them in their respective areas.

Blessed Be and Happy New Year!