Concord, NH

Posted March 20, 2012 in Profile

The Concord Resilience Circle (aka Common Security Club) deepens community, builds economic literacy, taps resilience, fosters creative resource sharing and connects people to a hopeful path forward. Isn’t that something you could use? Please RSVP to Olivia or 661-8621 or sign up by clicking here.

We are meeting on the first and third Monday’s from 5-6:30 with a potluck meal. Below the schedule. I will reserve the conference room at 4 Park Street, Suite 304B, Concord NH — Please invite others who are interested. Also, Kids are always welcome and are part of the circle.

Monday, September 19 Session 1 – Security and Insecurity In this session, participants have a chance to reflect on the sources of their own security and insecurity, and the role the larger economy plays in our lives.

Monday, Oct 3 Session 2 – Changing the Story: Breaking Isolation The old story about the economy tells us that we shouldn’t talk about our economic situation: it is either shamefully bad or embarrassingly good. This session creates a space for people to begin to break the habit of silence.

Monday Oct 17 — Session 3 – Changing the Story: A New Vision Debt and over-consumption are large economic trends, and a major part of the old economic story that has formed the background of the individual stories we shared in Session 2. In this session, we consider that our security depends not on a “recovery” to the old ways, but on imagining something different.

Monday Nov 7 Session 4 – Strengthening Community: Real Wealth and Security In Sessions 4 and 5 we will consider the vital role our communities will play in building the new economy we visualized in Session 3. In Session 4 we’ll consider new concepts of community wealth and security, and introduce the idea of mutual aid.

Monday Nov 21 Session 5 – Strengthening Community: Mutual Aid In this session, we will explore the proposition that ecological changes will deeply alter our economic lives – and that there is no going back to the economy of the past. This session also includes the exchanging of gifts and needs – a tangible experience which shows how much we can help each other.

Monday Dec 5 Session 6 – Changing the Rules In this session, we will explore the proposition that large corporations exert too much influence over the “rules” that govern our society. With a vision of a new economy (Sessions 2 and 3) and strengthened community ties (Sessions 4 and 5), we are equipped to engage in social action to rewrite these rules. We’ll discuss what types of action this group is interested in.