St. Paul, MN

Posted March 30, 2012 in Profile

A Resilience Circle is up and running at a townhome community in New Brighton, MN, a Twin Cities suburb. For more information, please contact Lisa Cook: [email protected].

May 2013 Update

Watch Resilience Circle facilitator Lisa Cook’s excellent TED Talk! Lisa talks about the increasing problem of American loneliness and isolation, including her own personal story. Around 6:40 into the video, she  talks about how Circles can help folks create community.

March 2013 Update
by Lisa Cook

Our Resilience Circle continues. We just did our second annual meal for homeless teens in St. Paul – we made a taco dinner for them (complete with Peeps!) over Easter weekend. 🙂

June 14, 2012 Update
by Lisa Cook 

Our Resilience Circle in the Twin Cities is on the move! One neighbor collected and drove  household goods to a non-profit named Bridging which helps people in transition moving into new homes.  Another neighbor arranged a week’s worth of dinners for a neighbor who recently lost her husband.  Two neighbors are helping a “gardening newbie” (me!) to plan and plant a garden. I am thrilled to see neighbors are “taking the ball and running with it” to initiate their own acts of kindness. Our group is now sustainable (moving far beyond my efforts as the initial organizer). Hurrah!

March, 2012 Update
by Lisa Cook

Some of our connections include mothers taking their kids to an indoor playground, help with home maintenance and babysitting, and collecting items to donate to a local nonprofit. As of mid-March, 2012, our next project is to cook dinner for homeless teens at an emergency shelter.