April 17 – Boston Workshop: “Creating an Economy for Everyone”

Posted April 4, 2012 in Event Archive, Religious

A Day of Conversation, Enrichment, and Inquiry

Featuring an afternoon workshop with Rev. Tom Thresher, Ph.D.

Tuesday, April 17, 10am – 4pm
Lunch Provided
RSVP to sarah@localcircles.org

Resilience Circle facilitators and other leaders are invited to this day of conversation, enrichment, and support sponsored by the Resilience Circle Network.

10 am – 12pm – The Resilience Circle Experience. Please join us for a conversation about your experience as a Resilience Circle facilitator or participant. We’ll use a few activities you may be familiar with, and swap stories. Those who have not yet participated in a Circle are also welcome.

12pm – 1pm – Working Lunch and Brief Update from the Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition. What does “building the new economy” mean in Boston and New England? What roles are we playing?

1pm – 4pm – Using the “Inquiry” Process to Overcome Individual and Collective Barriers to Building the New Economy. Facilitated by Rev. Tom Thresher, Ph.D.

The economy is changing in fundamental ways, and creative action is required to bring forth a just and loving alternative. Resilience Circle members are familiar with people’s desire to build this economy. They are also familiar with the obstacles we face as individuals and communities. These obstacles entail more than the entrenched powers-that-be. The work of building the new economy also requires “inner” work, personal change, and commitment.

Tom Thresher is offering to introduce Resilience Circle facilitators and other local leaders to an Inquiry process designed to support individuals and groups who want to create an economy that works for everyone. Tom is an ordained UCC Minister, published author, and Resilience Circle facilitator from Suquamish, WA.

What is “Inquiry”? Inquiry is integral to the contemplative traditions in all the world’s religions.  Tom’s process uses a contemporary form of Inquiry advanced by Harvard psychologists Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. The process helps individuals and groups delve into the invisible assumptions they hold that prevent them from making the changes that would help bring forth the economy they say they want to have. Tom will be available following the workshop to train folks interested in using this process with their churches or communities.

For more information and to RSVP: Contact Sarah Byrnes, sarah@localcircles.org, 617.477.8630 x307.

More from Tom Thresher:

Transformational Inquiry: Deep Support beyond Resilience Circles
by Tom Thresher 

Resilience Circles are powerful tools for building relationship, learning the true nature of the economy, and creating mutual support. Our mission is to support the opening created by Resilience Circles for the long run.

Every effort at social change eventually encounters an invisible immunity to change based upon our individual and collective assumptions about how the world works and what it should be. Our Inquiry process gently walks folks into the self-protective commitments and invisible assumptions we all hold. In revealing these hidden commitments and assumptions we gain the opportunity to change them. This addresses the “it’s always been this way” resistance to fundamental change in the economy and helps us to finds paths beyond this barrier.

Inquiry is based upon the groundbreaking work of Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey at Harvard. You can learn more at https://mindsatwork.com.