Featured Circle: Greenbelt, MD

Posted April 10, 2012 in Profile, Story

Contact Lore Rosenthal to get involved with the Greenbelt Common Security Clubs ([email protected]).

The first Greenbelt Common Security Circle finished the curriculum over the summer of 2011 and has continued meeting for learning, mutual aid, and social action. A second Circle began in the fall of 2011. They ended with an extended “Gifts & Needs Exercise” and continue to meet for mutual support. These two circles have inspired the creation of two committees: one to plan some “reskilling workshops,” the other to explore starting a local barter network, time bank, or “repair cafe.”

A third Greenbelt circle will begin as soon as 8-12 people express interest. Contact Lore to get involved ([email protected]).

~ News and Views from the Greenbelt Circle ~

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