Jamaica Plain, MA

Posted April 15, 2012 in Profile

Coming up in JP!

The Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition Group is working to build a new economy that works with everyone in harmony with the planet. Resilience Circles may continue to form through this effort. Please stay tuned for updates and get involved in the JP NET: https://jptransition.org.

Jamaica Plain: Home to the First Common Security Club (aka Resilience Circle)

In the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, the first ever Common Security Club stayed together for two years, providing mutual aid to one another.  Several unemployed members started small businesses with help from other club members.  Two seniors worked to balance their needs for more income and the desire to keep working as social workers after retirement with the desire for rest and free time.  After a  “personal financial makeover” session, one member decided she could no longer afford her car, saving her $500 per month. Contacts, connections and ideas were abundant.  Members hosted a workshop to connect the whole community with a city-wide time bank, helping further the reach of the budding “alternative economy” they have helped to create.