Increasing The Ratio of Love per Square Foot: Building a Tiny House

Posted April 30, 2012 in Blog, Redwood City, Resource, Story

Two Redwood City Resilience Circle members have taken a tremendous step toward sustainable and resilient living. They are building and will soon live in a tiny (120 square foot) house!

On their blog, Candace and Aaron explain: “We have engaged with the community on [climate change, resource¬†depletion, health, and social and economic insecurity]… We have come to the conclusion that the only way to address these problems is to modify our behavior in accordance with our greatest principles and begin living our lives as if we were already living within a society that has invented new paradigms with which to provide all of our common needs.”

Candace and Aaron thank their Resilience Circle for its role in helping them take this step. The Resilience Circle is “our family of friends from whom we are learning to become a stronger, more resilient community.” Members of the Circle “have been excited and supportive of this process; Kitty has been excited to see our progress since we first started the sub-floor (which could be seen as pretty boring by some) & Orrin was so eager to help that he inspired the barn raising!”

Check back to for updates as they near completion on the house!