Boulder, CO

Posted May 8, 2012 in Profile

The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center presents:

Common Security Clubs:
Building Community During Tough Times

The first Boulder meeting went great! There was a fairly diverse crowd of about 20 people there; one woman drove 2 hours to get there because she just knew immediately it was something she had to do when she heard about it!

One woman said, “we have some real potential here if we can properly focus the energy. I think people are wanting to do significant things to change the story, and┬áthe climate of Boulder.”

We meet at the…
Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center
3970 Broadway, Suite 105, Boulder, CO
(From Broadway and Quince, go east on Quince and turn right at the second driveway)

For more info, call the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, 303-444-6981 ext. 2