San Jose, CA

Posted May 13, 2012 in Profile

The San Jose Resilience Circle meets every other Monday. Contact Thomas Atwood for information:

The Bailey House
St. Martin of Tours Parish
200 O’Connor Drive
San Jose, CA. 95128

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A message from facilitator Thomas Atwood:

On April 30th, we’ll share our reasons for coming and our hopes for the group.

A common ground exercise will demonstrate whether we have more in common than we might have realized. After brainstorming some of the economic signs of the times, we’ll consider the “old story” about the economy that keeps us isolated and convinces us that we can’t change things. We’ll review a news article together to shine a spotlight on common attitudes about economic growth. Are we getting the whole story from the “experts?” How do we begin to write a new story of our own?

At the end of the session, we’ll consider having a movie night at the church or in someone’s home before we meet again. The movie is the Academy Award-winning documentary about the economic meltdown of 2008: Inside Job.

I’m so grateful that we’re embarking on this voyage of discovery and hope together. See you on the 30th!