Comox Valley, BC

Posted May 20, 2012 in Profile

To get involved, contact Ellen Rainwalker

Update from Ellen on Nov 5, 2012:

Hi Sarah – I think there were about 45 people at our Transition Town meeting. We held it at a local coffee-house. An offshoot of our Transition Town group has formed an alternative housing techniques group ( andn they are building Earthship greenouse (made from tires and other recycled materials) near here. One of the builders gave a talk and slideshow about it. Then I showed a short slideshow introducing the idea of Resilience Circles, which I adapted from the one available on your website. I had to make it more suitable for Canadian viewers. I also added a slide of a house in BC that was covered by a mudslide recently and some slides of things our Transition Town food group is doing as examples of ways people in Resilience Circles can help each other out. Then we asked people to move to various parts of the room based on where they live in the Comox Valley, so that they could see who their neighbours are. There were quite a few conversations going on. It turned out there were 3 other people from Cumberland, where I live. I invited them all to come to my house to see my winter garden and talk about possibly forming a resilience circle. So far only one of them has come. But when I know of a few more people who might be interested, I am hoping to have a potluck and invite them all. I’m not sure what the other people do, but we will be bringing Resilience Circles up again at our next meeting.
Thanks for all your support