Redwood City Resilience Circle Joins Fight Against Prison Expansion

Posted August 22, 2012 in Blog, Redwood City, Social Action, Story

The Redwood City Resilience Circle joined other local groups in opposing the construction of a new jail in San Mateo. Read more about this effort here. See their letter below.

Submitted to [email protected]:

Please include our group on the list of public endorsements for your letter to the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors found at this link.

Resilience Circle, Redwood City
Affiliate, Resilience Circle Network

As local consciousness-raising support groups that support a transition to a new economy, Resilience Circles provide safe, confidential space to discuss how the economy affects us personally. Through education, mutual aid, and social action, we join with an interconnected web of individuals and groups that are building an economy based on local, interdependent, sustainable, and egalitarian communities.

The Resilience Circle of Redwood City supports alternative approaches to punitive incarceration that do not target the socially marginalized or the poor, especially for nonviolent offenses. Examples of these alternatives include:
Community based programs, such as rehabilitation, literacy, and jobs training programs
Restorative justice programs conducted in humane, therapeutic environments
We support programs that restore balance to an economy based on myths of individualism, competition, radical wealth inequality, cheap oil, and infinite growth. We believe that justice and cost effectiveness are best served by allocating resources to address the roots of our problems. Therefore, we join CURB in urging the Board of Supervisors to reduce the population of San Mateo County jails and devote the millions of dollars at stake to housing, health care, public education, and living-wage job programs that add lasting value to our community.