Did You Know that We’re Hard-Wired for Community?

Posted September 13, 2012 in Blog. Tagged: , , , ,

We’ve known all along that Resilience Circles are a great way to have fun and build community resilience. Now, it turns out they’re good for your brain, too.

Mainstream culture tells us that deep down, the human person is self-interested, greedy, and out for himself. We’re told that the best way to build a society is through fostering competition rather than collaboration.

But it turns out that we are actually hard-wired for connection, empathy, and mutuality.

Sure, we have our individualistic tendencies, but neuroscience has found that “the brain grows in connection, that we come into the world ready to connect, and that disconnection creates real pain.” Dr. Amy Banks at the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute lays out the science in Humans are hardwired for connection? Neurobiology 101 for parents, educators, practitioners and the general public.

Research is explaining in neurobiological terms something we’ve known all along: that it stinks to be isolated, and that it’s essential to be in community.

So feed your brain today – find or join a small group and make some community connections!

New Resilience Circles are starting in Dorchester MA, Berkeley CA, White Salem OR, Portland ME, Pittsburgh PA, Philadelphia PA, and Vancouver BC. Email info@localcircles.org for more info. For tips on how to start a Circle in your neighborhood, click here.

Stay tuned for info about a movie featuring Mutuality Research and Resilience Circles!