Summer and Fall Updates!

Posted November 5, 2012 in Lakewood

Update: November 5, 2012

Our next Resilience Circle pot luck which will be on Thursday, Nov 8th at a private home (contact [email protected] for details), from 6.30 – 8pm. Please bring a dish to contribute to the Pot Luck supper. Feel free to bring a friend, neighbor or family member(s) interested in learning about  living local and sustainability.

ALSO, we will have an exciting guest speaker, Dana Miller of ‘Produce for Pantries’.  Dana is also a member of the ‘Denver Sustainable Food Policy Council’ and Co-Director of ‘Grow Local Colorado’. You can learn more about Grow Local   Dana  has just returned from Italy where she attended the  Slow Food Terra Madre Conference. I’m sure she will have lots of interest to share with us!

Update: October 7, 2012

Our latest Resilience Circle was a great success with about 14 people in attendance. Conversation, good food, drinks and community updates were enjoyed by all. Thanks to Kazuko and Ric for hosting. We had several new members in attendance – Welcome!

Wildscape tour – Creating wildlife habitat is important in an era where habitat and species diversity is shrinking. Do you want to  create wildlife habitat in your own yard? It is easier than you think! Tom Slabe, has invited  you to one of Eiber Neighborhood’s existing wildlife habitats. The habitat, located at 8860 W. 13thAvenue, will be open for viewing on Saturdays throughout this October from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Alternatively, should you like a personal tour, you may contact Tom to make an appointment at 216-403-2600 or at [email protected]. For more information on wildlife habitats, please visit The National Wildlife Foundation website at

 One of the other things we discussed was adopting a study guide ‘Choices for Sustainable Living’ put out by the Northwest Earth Institute. This has short readings to help focus thought and stimulate discussion. It is also a great way to explore and define our identity and direction as a group. NOTE: Buying a copy is entirely optional.  If you do want to get one here is the link:
Price: Hard copy for $25 + $6 shipping  OR a digital copy for $25 (save shipping).

Do you know of another group / organization that is interested in starting their own Resilience Circle?  I’m happy to help facilitate!

Thanks for your enthusiasm and involvement!

Update: June 7, 2012

The first meeting of the Eiber Resilience Circle (‘the Circle’) was on June 6th, 2012. We shared our ideas about the goals of the Circle (build community), how often it will meet (about once a month), the format of meetings (pot luck supper and discussion) and how it will grow and organize itself (very organically!).

Our initial community building project is a ‘skill share database’. I’ve created a spreadsheet with the initial members ‘Skills’ and ‘Needs / Wants’. Everyone is free to contact each other to arrange a swap!