Lakewood Resilience Circle Celebrates Light Rail, Community Supported Agriculture, and More

Posted March 20, 2013 in Blog, Lakewood

~ March Updates from the Lakewood Resilience Circle ~

Next Sustainable Living Discussion Group – The next Discussion Group will include watching  a documentary  video, either ‘No Impact Man’ or ‘Planet Earth’ (depending which one is available from the Library).   We will meet on  Mar 20th at the home of Carrie Sonneborn. We will discuss the video and apply the ‘iceberg systems model’ from the first chapter of our book and think about what we can do in our own lives. Bring a friend and (optional) some snacks to share!

Next Resilience Circle Pot Luck  – The next Resilience Circle Pot Luck will be Monday, April 1 from 6.30 – 8pm  at  the home of Jen Loyd. Surprise guest speaker  to be announced! Bring your ideas, an interested buddy and some food to share.

Light Rail Opening Celebrations –  Get involved! As you are no doubt are aware, the Light Rail ‘W’ Line will start running on Friday, Apr 26 and  on Satruday, Apr 27 there will be Opening Celebrations at most of the  light  rail  stations along the way. At Wadsworth and Garrison Stations the Eiber Neighborhood Association and the Sustainability Group (that’s us) will have an information booth about our many activities.  We need folks to staff the booths at  both Garrison and Wadsworth Stations. You don’t need to stay the whole day – even just an hour or two would be a great help! Please contact Carrie re. Wadsworth Station and Ed  re. Garrison Station  volunteering. Thanks for all you do!

Who knew?
Harvest Mountain Farm  is an example of  local, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and it is very near to Eiber! At 1875 Wadsworth Blvd (just past the Walmart on the west side) Harvest Mountain runs an organic farm that you can buy a ‘share’ in, get locally grown organic veggies all season long  and even volunteer and  get your hands in the soil.  In fact, at the moment they need some volunteers to help prepare the farm for planting. Contact: Katya Thronweber ([email protected]) to volunteer. If you would like to purchase a CSA ‘share’  sign up on their website