Three Rivers, MI

Posted April 4, 2013 in Blog, Events, Profile

Visit the River County Resilience Circle Website:

Contact Matthew Mosher for more information:
See our list of upcoming events here! (Fall 2014)

Sponsored by Grassroots Solutions

Some projects we have in some form or another include:

– Annual Community Resilience Fair
– Heirloom Seed Bank
– Heirloom vegetable garden assistance for community residents
– Time Bank
– Round Robin
– Information booths at local events
– Documentary Night
– Members Needs and Offers list
– Re-skilling Workshops (disaster preparedness, gardening, seed collecting,…etc)
– Informational Workshops (political delegate process, sovereignty, personality appreciation…etc)
– Resource web links on our web page
– Online forum discussion group
– Online Community Event Calendar
– Social Action Items: GMO Crops, MiCATS, environmental pollution, & police brutality