Mutual Aid

Posted February 10, 2010

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After your club has finished the six session Guide, there are many other possibilities for meeting and action.  See these sessions and the ideas below for more opportunities for mutual aid.  (Click here for learning and here for social action.) Add your ideas below in the comments! Mutual Aid Underemployed/Anxiously Employed Support Groups In some communities, folks who […]

Suggest Resources for Circles

Posted February 10, 2010

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Use the comments section below to suggest resource ideas for circles. What are your ideas for learning, mutual aid, and social action?

Facilitate a Circle

Posted January 24, 2010

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If you have experience leading small groups, you can facilitate a Resilience Circle. You don’t have to be an “expert” in the economy, the environment, or anything else. Below are notes on how to facilitate a Circle. Keep in mind: Visit the section on Organizing a Circle for guidance on getting a circle together: finding participants, […]

Three Common Security Clubs at Economy Ground Zero

Posted January 14, 2010

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“I can offer, but I can’t receive,” lamented Barbara to her Resilience Circle in Portland, Oregon.  She was facing a difficult move, alone, and her group was trying to persuade her to accept their help.  She seemed both embarassed, and ashamed of feeling embarassed. “It takes all five sessions {of the CSC curriculum} to get […]

Simple Christmas?

Posted December 14, 2009

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What if you don’t give your kids the Christmas they deserve? (We know they deserve it because they are wonderful, as all kids are wonderful.) What if they wake up on December 25 at five am and discover that they didn’t get the new Nintendo, the American Girls Doll, this year’s i-whatever? What if you […]

Is it Really Better to Give than to Receive?

Posted November 20, 2009

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Our National Fear of Neediness Jared Gardner represents our west-coast “hub” of Resilience Circle organizing, having been responsible for getting four Portland groups up and running.  I was talking to Jared last week about the groups when he mentioned an issue that’s a recurring theme among CSC facilitators. One of his group members needed to […]