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February 16 – Online Common Security Club Webinar

Please join us for an interactive online webinar about Common Security Clubs, an approach to building individual and community resilience during difficult economic times.

Rocky Times Ahead: Are You Ready?

Can forming a small group like a Common Security Club really make a difference, when the problems we face seem so overwhelming? History tells us it can.

What is a Common Security Club?

Netfa Freeman presents this interview with Chuck Collins and Sarah Byrnes on “Voices With Vision,” WPFW, 89.3 FM. Listen here!

Courage and Common Security, by Rev. Myke Johnson

UU Minister Rev. Myke Johnson gave a wonderful sermon on Resilience Circles at her church in Portland, Maine.  Her church will be starting Resilience Circles this winter.  Here are her thoughts about the spiritual values at work in clubs: On a deeper level, as a spiritual community, we articulate important and enduring values, countering the […]

Learning to Live on Less

Instead of hoarding their possessions or knowledge during a time of vulnerability, the participants in a “Resource Sharing Group” opened themselves up and discovered a new source of abundance in each other.

Watch the CSC Info and Training Webinar, December 8, 2010

Click here to download the slides from December 8’s webinar. Watch and listen to the recording below.  Please note – Parts of the slideshow are unfortunately covered by poll results in the video below.  For best results, you may want to download the slides (see link above) and click through them while listening to the recording. […]

Common Security Circles Form in Redwood City, CA

The following article by Debbie Mytels, a member of a CSC at the Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City, CA, appeared in the December issue of the UUFRC newsletter. What is a Common Security Circle? How many times have you entered the holiday season with a resolve to spend less money and more time with family […]

Baby Steps Toward New Communities

If there’s anything I’ve learned as the CSC Organizer, it’s that there is no ‘one size fits all’ Resilience Circle. They are as different as the individuals who comprise them. But a common thread is that clubs provide a way for people get to know each other. It’s an old-fashioned concept – knowing your community […]

Can Small Group Organizing Save the Country?

Sources of strength are all around us, in our neighbors, friends, and co-workers, but we have to overcome our isolation to find them.

Transition Towns and Common Security Clubs

Transition Towns and Common Security Clubs can help us navigate a changing economy and environment. Clubs provide the small group support for individual change in a local transition organizing effort.