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Portland ME Facilitator Training

Maine Council of Churches invites you to: BUILDING RESILIENT CONGREGATIONS AND COMMUNITIES Starting a Resilience Circle to Face Economic and Ecological Change Together A One Day Workshop for Facilitators When: Saturday, November 13 from 10am -4:00 pm Where: Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church 524 Allen Avenue, Portland, Maine Directions Click here to Register! How do […]

Dry Run: Bostonians Learn to Appreciate Clean Water

Boston’s “water drill” raised questions of how we might respond to more serious disruptions in water, food, and energy systems.

Unemployed Workers Come Together

In unemployed worker groups and common security clubs across the country, participants are facing two grim realities. The first is that jobs that vanished aren’t coming back. And the second reality is that if unemployed workers don’t stand up for themselves, no one else will.

Webinar Audio and Slides: How to Organize a Common Security Club (or Resilience Circle)

Due to technical difficulties, the webinar recording below is audio only.  The audio starts two minutes in to the recording. Click here to download the slides (PowerPoint). Untitled from Sarah Byrnes on Vimeo.

Don’t Get Fooled Again! “Inside Job” Discussion Questions

If you are part of a large group, break into pairs and discuss these questions: After watching the movie, how do you feel about the banking industry?  The government?  Economists?  What are your feelings about the future of our economy? What new ideas did you learn from the movie? With the full group, report back […]

When Clutter Contains Us

by Andree Zaleska “The Container Store” promises us help with a cultural crisis in the most cheerful terms: “…innovative products to help customers save space and, ultimately, save them time.”  Simplify!  Get organized! We enjoy our possessions, it proclaims; ownership is wonderful and fulfilling—the only trick is to make it all fit. But the very […]

Break Up with Your Wall Street Credit Card

by Chuck Collins Many Resilience Circles have come together to support one another to reduce credit card debt and increase support for the local economy.  Some have worked to pass consumer protection laws. (More more info see our Action Page.) It was over a year ago that the Federal Reserve issued new credit card rules […]

Communication Resources

Sample Materials Download these Word documents to use when publicizing your club. Add materials you have developed in the comments or submit them to us! Tri-Fold Brochure (PDF) Handout: What is a Resilience Circle? (Word doc – one page) Handout: What is a Resilience Circle? (Word doc – two pages) Handout: Overview of Seven Initial Sessions (Word doc) […]

Mutual Aid

After your club has finished the six session Guide, there are many other possibilities for meeting and action.  See these sessions and the ideas below for more opportunities for mutual aid.  (Click here for learning and here for social action.) Add your ideas below in the comments! Mutual Aid Underemployed/Anxiously Employed Support Groups In some communities, folks who […]

Suggest Resources for Circles

Use the comments section below to suggest resource ideas for circles. What are your ideas for learning, mutual aid, and social action?