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Time to Form an Affinity Group

Imagine six months from now a social movement that no longer waits for elected politicians to lead and engages in direct action against the fossil fuel industry and their lobbying power. ~ By Chuck Collins

For Real Change, Have Conversations: The Art of the “One-to-One”

By Thomas Atwood and Sarah Byrnes No matter who wins the debate or ultimately the election, we know our nation and our communities will continue to face complex economic, ecological, political, and social challenges. Our challenges are compounded by a culture of isolation and disconnection. The skills we need to build connection and empathy may […]

How to Have a “One-to-One” Conversation

Labor and community organizers have been using a practice called the “one-to-one” conversation for generations as a way to build networks, enhance relationships, and enlist people in their work. A one-to-one can be defined as a structured conversation where you authentically share your story with another person and listen to theirs. Based on your commonalities, […]

Envision This: Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Resilience Circles

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The Change Agent: Tales of Resilience

What inspires us to try to respond to and recover from difficulties? What actually enables us to respond and recover? In this inspiring issue of The Change Agent, writers explore how our communities and families often rally to soften or deflect a blow…and perhaps even change the conditions that created the blow. Read stories about […]

Hope Is Not for the Faint of Heart

By Janine Brunell-Looker Resilience Circle Member See the full Post on Yop! Out Of a great need We are all holding hands And climbing. Not loving is a letting go. Listen, The terrain around here Is Far too Dangerous For That. Hafiz It’s been a rough summer for climate change deniers. Well, for all of us […]

Did You Know that We’re Hard-Wired for Community?

We’ve known all along that Resilience Circles are a great way to have fun and build community resilience. Now, it turns out they’re good for your brain, too. Mainstream culture tells us that deep down, the human person is self-interested, greedy, and out for himself. We’re told that the best way to build a society […]

Resilience Circle is Aimed at Encouraging Community and Sustainability in Lakewood’s Many Neighborhoods

DenverPost.Com: Lakewood Program Works to Grow Community in Neighborhoods August 29, 2012, by Emilie Rusch In a lush, backyard garden in Lakewood, a group of neighbors was talking about how to attract hummingbirds. Try planting agastache, suggested Tom Slabe, an expert in backyard wildlife habitats. It’s also known as hummingbird mint. The group was gathered […]

Communities & Banking: Resilience Circles Born in a Struggling Economy

by Sarah Byrnes, Institute for Policy Studies Communities & Banking, a Publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Fall 2012 Think back to September 15, 2008. Lehman Brothers had just crashed. No one was sure what it meant. Would other banks go too? Would the economy unravel, even collapse? In the midst of the […]

Redwood City Resilience Circle Joins Fight Against Prison Expansion

The Redwood City Resilience Circle joined other local groups in opposing the construction of a new jail in San Mateo. Read more about this effort here. See their letter below. Submitted to Please include our group on the list of public endorsements for your letter to the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors found […]