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Resources for Affinity Groups

What is an Affinity Group? (One-Pager) 5 Tips for Forming an Affinity Group A Guide for Your First Meeting (PDF) Direct Action Roles for Affinity Groups Using Consensus Decision-Making, from War Resisters’ International Facilitation Tips Small Groups in Larger Group Structures: How Small Groups Can Power Big Change, by Sarah Byrnes, YES! Magazine Globalize Liberation: 5 […]

Resilience Circles arrive at St. Martin of Tours in San Jose, California

On Monday evening, April 30, members of St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in San Jose gathered for Session One of the Resilience Circle curriculum. The event marked the first Resilience Circle to convene in a Catholic church. Welcome aboard, St. Martin’s! May your leadership inspire others! The story of St. Martin’s begins with their Peace […]


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How Many Circles Does it Take to Make a Community?

By Dave Pollard – What would happen if each of us were to call up, out of the blue, our immediate neighbours (whether we know them or not), and gauge whether there is sufficient interest among them to self-organize a Resilience Circle?

Increasing The Ratio of Love per Square Foot: Building a Tiny House

Two Redwood City Resilience Circle members have taken a tremendous step toward sustainable and resilient living. They are building and will soon live in a tiny (120 square foot) house! On their blog, Candace and Aaron explain: “We have engaged with the community on [climate change, resource depletion, health, and social and economic insecurity]… We have […]

The 99% Spring Is Here!

Across the country Resilience Circles are hosting 99% Spring trainings to share stories about the economy, learn the history of nonviolent direct action, and connect with local campaigns to bring about change.

Circles Overturning Citizens United

Jennifer Robinson describes herself as an introvert. “I’m not really the kind of person who likes doing presentations,” she says. But earlier this year Jennifer found herself in front of her city council, reading a letter supporting an amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Small Group Organizing and Coalition Building

By Thomas Atwood, Resilience Circle Facilitator Our resilience circle at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City has supported the American Dream campaign since we first learned that the RC National Network was a sponsor in August of last year. We hosted house parties that joined with roughly 22,000 other Americans to develop the priorities that eventually became the Contract […]

“People Are Courageous and Want to Tell the Truth”

“People were courageous, very open…really telling the truth. People are hurting in many different ways. Resilience Circles is an idea whose time is now.” – Bay Area organizer Gary Horvitz

Line Dry! Push Mow! And Be Silly While Doing It

Want to be greener? Looking for some fun and silly inspiration? Check out these videos submitted by Resilience Circles in Greenbelt, MD.