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Reality TV’s “Stories of Stuff”

If you’ve missed reality shows like Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, and American Pickers, then you’ve missed a fascinating front in the expanding “new economy.”

Five Fun Food Facts

By Eliana Golding Resilience Circles Intern, Summer 2011 Did you know? Over 1/3 of the added sugars that Americans consume are from sweetened carbonated beverages (i.e., soda). Americans consume only about half of the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Americans also consume 2.5 times as much fat per day as is recommended. “Once […]

A “Consumer Fast,” by Kitty Bownass

How has it been to spend less money? My very first feeling was one of relief! I do not have to keep alert to ads for things to buy!

Debt Ceiling Debate Got You Down? A Small Group Can Help.

Spending seven session sessions with your circle won’t fix the national budget, or even necessarily balance your personal budget. But a small group helps us create a holistic vision for the future.

August 6 – Providence RI Workshop: Resilience Circles and Time Banking

“Resilience Circles” are small groups of 10 – 20 people that help strengthen community ties during this time of economic and ecological challenges.

August 16 – Webinar: How to Organize a Resilience Circle

Please join us for an interactive online webinar about tips for organizing a Resilience Circle or Common Security Club. As you know, Resilience Circles are a small group approach to building individual and community resilience during difficult economic times. We’ll talk about how to start a circle for your community or congregation, including: – finding […]

American Dream House Meetings

The path to the American Dream begins with real conversations among concerned friends and neighbors, like those we have at Resilience Circles. Read more to find or host your own House Meeting!

Transition Initiatives + Resilience Circles = Better Together

Watch a recording of our July 12 webinar with Transition US below, featuring Carolyne Stayton, Executive Director of Transition US and Chuck Collins, member of the Resilience Circle Network and Senior Scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies.  We also hear from two folks using both approaches in their communities: Conrad Willemon in Newburyport, MA, and Ralph Schmoldt in Portland, OR. Download […]

Building a Resilient Congregation

“As we share recipes, the cost of childcare, plumbing expertise, and the work of making a vegetable garden on the church lawn, we are taking steps toward having ‘all things in common,’ a part of true discipleship.”

A Strategy for Coping with Unemployment

Joblessness has increased to 9.2 percent. But a new strategy has emerged to adapt to unemployment and hard economic times: groups of people helping each other in Resilience Circles.