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What is “Resilience”? You Tell Us.

Take the YES! Magazine Resilience Quiz with your Common Security Club or a group of neighbors and figure out what it means about your community. Tell us below in the comments. And tell us if this inspires you to take some next steps so that in six months, your community’s score might be a little higher.

Take Heart. Take Action. Take the 350 Home and Gardening Challenge!

What will you do this May 14 and 15? Choose an action in the areas of food, water, energy, or community building. Register your action with Transition US and see what others around the world will be doing!

Watching “Inside Job” with Neighbors: Preparing for Change

What’s your vision for the new economy? What are you doing to turn it into a reality? Get the conversation started with an “Inside Job” screening with friends and neighbors – you’ll be able to stream the movie online as of Friday, April 7.

Don’t Get Fooled Again! Organize a Party to Watch “Inside Job” this April 1st

The big banks and lax regulators sure did fool us once – don’t let them get away with it again! This April Fools Day, organize a “Don’t Get Fooled Again” party with neighbors and friends.

What Makes Us Secure?

It’s not about deadbolts and surveillance cameras—it’s about having people you can turn to for help. There may no longer be such a thing as individual security. For most of us, real security is becoming a matter of being tied to a thriving community.

What Is “Common Security”? You Tell Us

Use the comments section below to tell us what you think about these new options, the words “security” or “club,” or other thoughts on our re-naming process. The results of the Resilience Circle naming survey are in!  And one thing is certain:  the word “security” has been co-opted by nefarious forces.  Overwhelmingly, respondents pointed out […]

In it Together: Organizing a Common Security Club

How to overcome the obstacles and cultivate a caring, supportive community group in the face of tough economic times.

How To Organize a Club for your Community

Watch the Resilience Circle webinar below for tips on how to organize a club for your community.  Visit this page for more resources and ideas. Resilience Circle Webinar, Feb. 16, 2011 from Sarah Byrnes on Vimeo.

Providing Water to Desperately Thirsty People: A Facilitator’s Perspective

By Trudy McNulty, Portland, ME Wow!  Facilitating this program feels like providing water to desperately thirsty people. As of mid-February 2011 we have completed our orientation and the first two sessions of the CSC, co-facilitated by the minister and a church member. Co-facilitating makes it feel much easier.  We offer our program every other week […]

Stories from Clubs

Watch Chuck Collins tell stories from Resilience Circles. Chuck works with the Resilience Circle Network and was part of one of the earliest Common Security Clubs in Boston. (Find out more about Chuck’s work at