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Facing Economic Insecurity Together

“What are the economic signs of the times?” the facilitator asks at our Intro Session. The room erupts with a familiar narrative. Small businesses are closing. Lots of folks don’t have health insurance, and six of them here in the room…

Reality TV’s “Stories of Stuff”

If you’ve missed reality shows like Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, and American Pickers, then you’ve missed a fascinating front in the expanding “new economy.”

A “Consumer Fast,” by Kitty Bownass

How has it been to spend less money? My very first feeling was one of relief! I do not have to keep alert to ads for things to buy!

A Strategy for Coping with Unemployment

Joblessness has increased to 9.2 percent. But a new strategy has emerged to adapt to unemployment and hard economic times: groups of people helping each other in Resilience Circles.

Building Resilience: The New Economy in the Shell of the Old

On a Thursday night around 6 p.m., people gathered for the fourth meeting of my Resilience Circle. The meeting started with a potluck…

The New Facilitator Guide! Plus – Our New Name…

Thanks to the excellent work of facilitators around the country who provided us with great feedback, we are offering a new, improved Facilitator’s Guide!

Watching “Inside Job” with Neighbors: Preparing for Change

What’s your vision for the new economy? What are you doing to turn it into a reality? Get the conversation started with an “Inside Job” screening with friends and neighbors – you’ll be able to stream the movie online as of Friday, April 7.

What Makes Us Secure?

It’s not about deadbolts and surveillance cameras—it’s about having people you can turn to for help. There may no longer be such a thing as individual security. For most of us, real security is becoming a matter of being tied to a thriving community.

In it Together: Organizing a Common Security Club

How to overcome the obstacles and cultivate a caring, supportive community group in the face of tough economic times.

Rocky Times Ahead: Are You Ready?

Can forming a small group like a Common Security Club really make a difference, when the problems we face seem so overwhelming? History tells us it can.