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Learning to Live on Less

Instead of hoarding their possessions or knowledge during a time of vulnerability, the participants in a “Resource Sharing Group” opened themselves up and discovered a new source of abundance in each other.

Can Small Group Organizing Save the Country?

Sources of strength are all around us, in our neighbors, friends, and co-workers, but we have to overcome our isolation to find them.

Transition Towns and Common Security Clubs

Transition Towns and Common Security Clubs can help us navigate a changing economy and environment. Clubs provide the small group support for individual change in a local transition organizing effort.

Unemployed Workers Come Together

In unemployed worker groups and common security clubs across the country, participants are facing two grim realities. The first is that jobs that vanished aren’t coming back. And the second reality is that if unemployed workers don’t stand up for themselves, no one else will.

When Clutter Contains Us

by Andree Zaleska “The Container Store” promises us help with a cultural crisis in the most cheerful terms: “…innovative products to help customers save space and, ultimately, save them time.”  Simplify!  Get organized! We enjoy our possessions, it proclaims; ownership is wonderful and fulfilling—the only trick is to make it all fit. But the very […]