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Homework for Sessions 1 and 2: Economic Meltdown Funnies (Optional)

Download a copy of the PDF Economic Meltdown Funnies here. To inquire about print copies, contact us.

Homework for Session 2: Inside Job (Optional)

The movie “Inside Job” tells the story of the Wall Street meltdown of 2008.

Homework for Session 2: The Story of Stuff (Optional)

From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns.

Homework for Session 3: Toward a Vision of Security, by Linda Schmoldt

You get up in the morning to a house that is appropriately warm or cool. You can turn on the heat o air conditioning because you know you can afford it and that the earth can afford it since it is powered by a renewable source of energy.

Homework for Session 3: Potluck and Recipe Sharing (Optional)

Consider doing a Potluck and Recipe Swap at the next meeting. If your group wants to go this route, bring a simple affordable dish to share along with copies of the recipe.  

Homework for Session 4: Talk to an Elder

If you have lived through tough economic times, such as the Great Depression, think about sharing some of your survival strategies with the group next time.  Or, talk to a grandparent, another elder, or someone you know who has survived tough times.  

Homework for Session 4: Ideas for Mutual Aid

Gather ideas for mutual aid projects through one of three ways. Your facilitator may choose just one of these for everyone, or ask different people to read different pieces. Visit the web page and browse the many ideas for “sharing” things, time, skills and more. Take note of any that interest you to share […]

Homework for Session 5: Offerings and Needs Activity

For the next session, bring in a list of Gifts (skills, time, tools, equipment, etc.) that you could make available to other group members, and Needs they would like to receive help with. At the end of Session 4, you should have decided with your circle if you will bring in lists, or write up […]

Homework for Session 5: Crash Course in Resilience, by Sarah Van Gelder (Optional)

From YES! Magazine, Fall 2010 We can strengthen our communities and ourselves to prepare for the uncertain world of failing economies, climate change, and oil depletion. To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival. —Wendell Berry When we are no longer able to change a […]

Homework for Session 6: No More Band-Aid Solutions to the Financial Crisis: We Need to Build an Economy that Works, by David Korten

Excerpt from Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth, 2nd Edition, 2010 Treat the System, Not the Symptom As a student in business school, I learned a basic rule of effective problem solving that has shaped much of my professional life. Our professors constantly admonished us to “look at the big […]