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Session 2: Gambling With the Economy by Roger Lowenstein

April 20, 2010 WHILE the Securities and Exchange Commission’s allegations that Goldman Sachs defrauded clients is certainly big news, the case also raises a far broader issue that goes to the heart of how Wall Street has strayed from its intended mission. Wall Street’s purpose, you will recall, is to raise money for industry: to […]

On The Real Economy by Joe Beageant

Defenders of capitalism claim that there can be no real economy, no real material value created by the real people on Main Street, without the financing of Wall Street’s virtual economy.  Allegedly, they are so intertwined as to be the same thing, which they are, and that no other way of doings things is possible, […]

The Waking Up Syndrome by Sarah Anne Edwards and Linda Buzzell

“Humankind cannot bear very much reality.” — T. S. Eliot Just dealing with our daily lives keeps most of us too busy to worry about whether or not the sky is falling. We focus on getting to and from work, paying our bills, doing our errands, and, if our time-stressed schedules allow, enjoying a little […]

Session 4: The Risk Shift by Jacob Hacker

In the last forty years, many of the common security institutions that previous generations created have been dismantled.  Large corporations used their power to weaken employee protections, cut taxes, shift costs and reduce employee benefits.  These things have slowly chipped away at our economic security.  Jacob Hacker calls this the Great Risk Shift, as risk […]

Good News About Your Net Worth by Jay Walljasper

Let me offer some good news about the state of your wealth. Sure, the 401(k) tanked, the house lost a big chunk of value, and things are looking shaky at work.  Indeed, the Federal Reserve recently reported that Americans all together lost $5.1 trillion during the last three months of 2008 alone. But what you […]

31 Ways to Jumpstart the Local Economy by Sarah Van Gelder

AT HOME Rent out a room in your home, or swap space for gardening, child or elder care, or carpentry. Buy less so you can buy higher quality. Buy from companies that “internalize” costs by passing along to you the cost of living wages, low carbon footprints, or organic production. Take your money out of […]

Your Money or Your Life

This is a very brief introduction to the well-known program Your Money or Your Life, which was developed by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez in the early 1990s, and has been used widely as a tool to teach people how to put their financial life in the service of their true values. The 9-Step program’s […]