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Building Resilience: The New Economy in the Shell of the Old

On a Thursday night around 6 p.m., people gathered for the fourth meeting of my Resilience Circle. The meeting started with a potluck…

Real Change: Join the Club

By Alan Preston Via Real Change Do you lie awake at night wondering if your job is secure? Are you one of the growing number of Americans who are officially unemployed, underemployed or anxiously employed? Do you worry about your children’s future and wonder what their lives will be like in the face of economic […]

What is a Common Security Club?

Netfa Freeman presents this interview with Chuck Collins and Sarah Byrnes on “Voices With Vision,” WPFW, 89.3 FM. Listen here! Community approach to economic, ecological challenges focus of program

See the full article here. NEWBURY — Chuck Collins, a senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies, explores the roots of economic and ecological challenges on society today in a program on Sunday, Jan. 9, at 4 p.m. at First Parish Church, 20 High Road (Route 1A), Newbury. Collins’ presentation will explore how we […]

Common Security Clubs offer the jobless a lifeline

The jobless in the United States lose far more than their paychecks; they also lose precious social support. Research has found that the health of those who lose jobs is likely to decline and the risk of dying rises. Many not only lose daily contact with factory and office friends, they also retreat from other social interaction. Compared with the employed, the jobless are less likely to vote, volunteer, see friends and talk to family. Even on weekends, the jobless spend more time alone than those with jobs.

Common Security Clubs

Gather with people in your city or town to help each other navigate tough economic times and build community resiliance. More Americans are bowling today than ever before, says Harvard University professor Robert D. Putnam. If that factoid brings to mind images of league competition and laughing groups in ugly shoes, think again. Many of […]

Sojourners: We’re In This Together

Sojourners magazine article: As our economy continues to decline, “common security clubs” are one way people can support each other and take action for a more just future.