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New Circle! Duluth, MN

Membership in the new Resilience Circle in Duluth (starting May 5th, 2014) is for those who are coping with the challenges of long-term unemployment (26+ weeks). The learning and mutual aid components of our RC will offer strategies to restore personal well-being and confidence, and ways to improve economic security through freelancing and entrepreneurship. Social […]

Three Rivers, MI

Visit the River County Resilience Circle Website: Contact Matthew Mosher for more information: [email protected] See our list of upcoming events here! (Fall 2014) Sponsored by Grassroots Solutions Some projects we have in some form or another include: – Annual Community Resilience Fair – Heirloom Seed Bank – Heirloom vegetable garden assistance for community residents – Time […]

Vancouver, BC

Helen in Vancouver is looking for folks who would like to join a Resilience Circle. She’s especially looking for an Organizing Partner to help get things going! Contact her at: [email protected]. From Helen: I’m VERY excited and interested to begin organizing a Resilience Circle :-)I feel the Power of Community is what the future is about and […]

Comox Valley, BC

To get involved, contact Ellen Rainwalker Update from Ellen on Nov 5, 2012: Hi Sarah – I think there were about 45 people at our Transition Town meeting. We held it at a local coffee-house. An offshoot of our Transition Town group has formed an alternative housing techniques group ( andn they are building Earthship greenouse (made […]

San Francisco, CA

We’re starting a San Francisco Resilience Circle. Contact Rachel at [email protected] to help plan and be kept in the loop.

Featured Circle: The East Bay, CA

Transition Albany and local activists created a Resilience Circle in Albany, CA. A second Circle will begin meeting in Berkeley in September 2012. Contact Gary Horvitz to get involved: [email protected]. ~ News and Views from the East Bay ~

Palo Alto, CA

To get involved in a circle in Redwood City or Palo Alto, visit the Palo Alto Resilience Circle’s Yahoo! Group:, or contact Thomas Atwood: [email protected].  Transition Palo Alto sponsors Introduction to Resilience Circles By Thomas Atwood, Resilience Circle Facilitator, Posted September 19, 2011 On a balmy September evening in the Bay Area, 27 people gather at […]

Featured Circle: Redwood City, CA

Resilience Circles (aka Common Security Clubs) have been meeting at the Redwood City UU Fellowship since January of 2011. All are welcome! Contact Thomas Atwood to get involved! Where: UU Fellowship of Redwood City, Brewster Avenue, Redwood City, CA Contact: Thomas Atwood, [email protected] News and Views from the Redwood City Resilience Circle [list  num=”10″ cat=”346″]    

San Jose, CA

The San Jose Resilience Circle meets every other Monday. Contact Thomas Atwood for information: [email protected]. The Bailey House St. Martin of Tours Parish 200 O’Connor Drive San Jose, CA. 95128 Google Maps A message from facilitator Thomas Atwood: On April 30th, we’ll share our reasons for coming and our hopes for the group. A common […]

Denver, CO

Join the Resilience Circle in Denver! Contact us at: [email protected] Our Circle has been meeting for a year and is looking to collaborate with other groups in the Denver area.