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Increasing The Ratio of Love per Square Foot: Building a Tiny House

Two Redwood City Resilience Circle members have taken a tremendous step toward sustainable and resilient living. They are building and will soon live in a tiny (120 square foot) house! On their blog, Candace and Aaron explain: “We have engaged with the community on [climate change, resource depletion, health, and social and economic insecurity]… We have […]

Webinar April 23, 2012: How to Start a Resilience Circle

Watch a recording of our most recent webinar below, and download the slides here (PPT).

Resilience Circles Poetry

Gary Horvitz of the Resilience Circle in Albany, CA, compiled this collection of poetry to be used in Resilience Circles. Thanks Gary! Download the Poetry.

Introductory Session Power-Point Presentation, by Resilience Circles and Transition Albany CA

This presentation was used by people in the East Bay area of California, in conjunction with Transition Albany. It includes important information and statistics about economic insecurity, national debt, and more. Download the Power-Point (PPT) Download the notes (Word Doc), or see them below Activity 2: Mini-Presentation: Why a Resilience Circle? (20) This presentation gives participants more context for […]

Webinar Recording, February 15, 2012

Watch a recording of our February 15 webinar below. Click here to download the slides (PPT). Click here for info about upcoming webinars.

You Are Here: The Oil Journey, by Post Carbon Institute

Changes in the landscape of energy may well trigger a whole new journey for humanity. The legendary actor and narrator Peter Coyote tells the story of our oil journey.

Community Values, Inner Work, and Resilience Circles

“As individuals and as a community, we are to pursue justice and work toward creating a communal life that embodies our highest values.”

Chris Martenson’s Crash Course

The Crash Course is an excellent resource which will provide you with a baseline understanding of the economy so that you can better appreciate the risks that we all face. Videos are broken into chapters; watch the 45-minute Intro with your Circle, and consider meeting to watch the rest together. Click here for the Crash Course:

Resilience Circles & Occupy Wall Street

Resilience Circle facilitators Aaron Castle and Candace Anderson produced this video at Occupy Palo Alto, asking people: “What does Occupy Wall Street mean to you?”

Faith Advocates for Jobs, Interfaith Worker Justice

The Resilience Circle Network is excited to partner with this new initiative of faith-based bodies working to serve the unemployed.