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Take the Transition Challenge

During the month of May, join thousands of people across the US taking action to rise to the challenge of food, water, and energy independence. Thousands of landscapes and homes will be transformed, retrofitted and revitalized as part of the Transition Challenge. Thousands of us will take to the streets, the garden, schoolyard, home, apartment […]

Redwood City Resilience Circle Joins Fight Against Prison Expansion

The Redwood City Resilience Circle joined other local groups in opposing the construction of a new jail in San Mateo. Read more about this effort here. See their letter below. Submitted to Please include our group on the list of public endorsements for your letter to the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors found […]

The Story of Change

June 16 – Newburyport Community Resilience Circles Kick Off “Citizens for Sustainable Bagging”

Members of Transition Newburyport and two local Community Resilience Circles are kicking off an initiative to move our coastal community past single-use plastic bags. An initial meeting will be held to discuss strategies on Saturday, June 16, 1 pm at Central Congregational Church, 14 Titcomb Street, Newburyport. Marjorie Green from Hanover, NH will be talking […]

How Small Groups Can Power Big Change: It’s Time to Form an Affinity Group

An affinity group is a small group of people who support each other and work together to change the world.

What is An Affinity Group?

Download as a PDF What is an Affinity Group? An affinity group is a small group of people who support each other and work together to change the world. Social activism can be tough work. Acting alone, we may feel powerless to create real change. An affinity group can provide practical support as well as […]

Five Tips for Forming an Affinity Group

Download as a PDF 1. Start where you are. Can you think of five people who might want to form an affinity group? Congratulations, you’re half-way there! Bring those five folks together for dinner to talk about reaching five more. Can you think of three, or just one? That’s okay! Do the same thing – […]

Corporations Are Not People! Bank of America Showdown, Redwood City, CA

If corporations are people, can they get married? The Mid-Peninsula America Dream Council sponsored this creative direct action with members of the Redwood City Resilience Circle.

Resources for Affinity Groups

What is an Affinity Group? (One-Pager) 5 Tips for Forming an Affinity Group A Guide for Your First Meeting (PDF) Direct Action Roles for Affinity Groups Using Consensus Decision-Making, from War Resisters’ International Facilitation Tips Small Groups in Larger Group Structures: How Small Groups Can Power Big Change, by Sarah Byrnes, YES! Magazine Globalize Liberation: 5 […]

The 99% Spring Is Here!

Across the country Resilience Circles are hosting 99% Spring trainings to share stories about the economy, learn the history of nonviolent direct action, and connect with local campaigns to bring about change.