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Facing Economic Insecurity Together

“What are the economic signs of the times?” the facilitator asks at our Intro Session. The room erupts with a familiar narrative. Small businesses are closing. Lots of folks don’t have health insurance, and six of them here in the room…

Maryland Circles Attend Tar Sands Protests

August, 2011 In August 2011, members of the Greenbelt Circle attended the Tar Sands Protests in Washington DC and “American Dream” Town Meetings about jobs and the economy. The Circle helped members see how climate change and economic struggles are interconnected, and that the over-influence of corporations in our democracy is at the root of […]

A “Consumer Fast,” by Kitty Bownass

How has it been to spend less money? My very first feeling was one of relief! I do not have to keep alert to ads for things to buy!

Building Resilience: The New Economy in the Shell of the Old

On a Thursday night around 6 p.m., people gathered for the fourth meeting of my Resilience Circle. The meeting started with a potluck…

Providing Water to Desperately Thirsty People: A Facilitator’s Perspective

By Trudy McNulty, Portland, ME Wow!  Facilitating this program feels like providing water to desperately thirsty people. As of mid-February 2011 we have completed our orientation and the first two sessions of the CSC, co-facilitated by the minister and a church member. Co-facilitating makes it feel much easier.  We offer our program every other week […]

Stories from Clubs

Watch Chuck Collins tell stories from Resilience Circles. Chuck works with the Resilience Circle Network and was part of one of the earliest Common Security Clubs in Boston. (Find out more about Chuck’s work at

Learning to Live on Less

Instead of hoarding their possessions or knowledge during a time of vulnerability, the participants in a “Resource Sharing Group” opened themselves up and discovered a new source of abundance in each other.

Three Common Security Clubs at Economy Ground Zero

“I can offer, but I can’t receive,” lamented Barbara to her Resilience Circle in Portland, Oregon.  She was facing a difficult move, alone, and her group was trying to persuade her to accept their help.  She seemed both embarassed, and ashamed of feeling embarassed. “It takes all five sessions {of the CSC curriculum} to get […]