Session 2 – Changing the Story: A New Vision

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In this session, we consider the ways in which the old economy isn’t working. Debt on both personal and societal levels has fueled unsustainable economic “growth” and overconsumption of the earth’s resources. But the wealth from this growth has flowed to a small minority of people, fueling economic inequality.

Together, we consider that our security depends not on a reviving our broken economic system, but on imagining something different.


  • Learn more about large economic trends such as job insecurity, economic inequality, overconsumption, and borrowing. Consider how these impact our own stories.
  • Be able to identify the old story messages about the economy in everyday life and begin to create a new story alternative.


Opening (30)

Activity 1: The Story of Stuff (30)

Activity 2: Borrowed Times, Unequal Times (30)

Activity 3: Transforming the Story (20)

Closing (10)