Session 4 – Strengthening Community: Real Wealth and Security

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In Sessions 2 and 3, we talked about writing a new economic story. In the next two sessions we will consider the vital role our communities will play in building something new. Today we’ll consider new concepts of community wealth and security, and introduce the idea of mutual aid.

One important thing for facilitators to notice during the session is what knowledge of mutual aid already exists in the group. For instance, Mormon, African American and recent immigrant communities often already have strong mutual aid traditions, and elders may remember surviving tough times like the Great Depression. If there are elders or others with special knowledge in your group, make sure to honor their wisdom.


  • Deepen our understanding of the roots of real security and wealth.
  • Recognize our capacity to enhance our common security through community activities, especially mutual aid.
  • Begin thinking about what the group might do once the initial seven sessions are finished.


Opening (30)

Activity 1: The Real Security Tree (45)

Activity 2:  Mutual Aid (35)

Closing (10)