Session 5 – Strengthening Community: Mutual Aid

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In this session, we will explore the proposition that ecological changes will deeply alter our economic lives – and that there is no going back to the economy of the past.  Participants will be invited to assess their own reaction to the threats of “peak oil” and climate change, and consider how their communities will fare in the face of these changes.

The session also includes the exchanging of gifts and needs –  a tangible experience which shows how much we can help each other.  This exchange can help participants see that community wealth and mutual aid are reliable sources of security even as we face deep ecological and economic shifts.


  • Deepen our understanding of ecological crises, especially “peak oil” and climate change, and how they affect the future.
  • Acknowledge that this information can be overwhelming and provide a framework for our reactions.
  • Recognize mutual aid and community wealth as fundamental to our security.
  • Think more about how the group might continue to engage in mutual aid after the seven sessions.


Opening (30)

Activity 1: Ecology and Our Security (40)

  1. Learning from Each Other
  2. Checkpoint:  The Quadrant Exercise

Activity 2: Offerings of Gifts and Needs (40)

  1. Offering
  2. Continuing Mutual Aid:  Reflection and Discussion

Closing (10)